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Sonam Busy Promoting Padman


Sonam Busy Promoting Padman

Sonam Kapoor along with Mr. Khiladi are quite busy these days as they are promoting their upcoming film Padman which is stated for 26 January.

Padman is inspired by Arunachalam Muruganatham, who invented low-cost sanitary napkins for women in some rural areas.

The film is made on a topic which is very rarely discussed in our society which means the lead actors will need to come out of the comfort zone while promoting the film.

The situation like this happened recently when in a promotional event Sonam had to answer questions about her Periods. One of those questions was that how did she react on her first periods, to which she responded very maturely by saying “I was 15 when I got my periods and all my friends had got that way before me. I was very upset that I had not got it. So when I actually got it I was very relieved because I kept telling my parents there is something wrong with me as I did not get my periods. So, I was very very happy.”

While giving an advice to women on periods she said “I guess hot packs help you a lot in pain, drink lots of water, actually workout more, people think that it is better to lie down but actually the more you move it is better.”

She further added “’To know that only 12% of women have access to sanitary napkins is a dismal number. We have 1.6 billion populations, out of which 50% are women, which is a huge number. Out of that only, 12% have access, the fact that millions of women don’t have access to proper menstrual hygiene is scary, they use awful products for themselves, they use ash, they use leaves, it is a bad situation, there is a lot of stigmas attached to it.”

And then at the end of the event she praised Akhi for being very helpful throughout the film and she said that no one should have played this role better than him.



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