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Ranbir is doing all it takes to look like Sanju Baba


Ranbir is doing all it takes to look like Sanju Baba

We have seen multiple examples recently for the actors trying their best to fit in the role. It actually brings a lot of eyes together and provides much of attention and justice to the very character the actor is trying to fit in. We have recently seen Ranbir in the all-out movie, Jagga Jasoos in which we can see his innocent face with Katrina in a very cute schoolboy avatar. But we all know that he is next lined up for the biopic under filming for Sanjay Dutt and for that he would like to go through intense amount of physical transformation, as Dutt has been famous for having pumped up chest and fully toned biceps. Well, no surprises that Ranbir truly was upto the challenge as right now Rishi Kapoor Jr. looks absolutely buffed.

            We have already seen Ranbir saying that he would like to get under the skin of the character and for that he has left nothing behind. Just to bring everything as close to reality as possible he has tried to copy the way Sanjay Dutt used to walk and also grew his hair. Ranbir also went through serious work out routine to bulk the body with sufficient amount of muscles alongside his trainer. Both were seen recently in a picture where Ranbir is showing those superman arms and bulging biceps as his trainer stands behind. The internet is not taking this transformation easy the feedback is mixed but one thing is for sure that its mostly positive.



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