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Priyanka Being Bullied because of Apu


Priyanka Being Bullied because of Apu

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra in her recent interview stated that she was bullied in her high school because of Simpson character Apu because of the typical south Indian portrayal of the character.

She said “Apu was the bane of my life growing up.”

She added that her class mated used to make different teasing remarks on her, like: “Did I find gold in my rivers? Did I go to school on elephants?”

She criticized the makers of Simpsons by saying that Apu is 30 years old now but the population of Indian Americans have been tripled since then. So Apu seems very outdated now and it should have been evolved with the passage of time.

She added that she totally respects the success of Simpsons but the success adds more pressure on your shoulders as you will need to work harder to meet the expectations of people.

“Yes, it’s a cartoon. Yes, it’s a pop culturally super successful show. But it gives you more responsibility.



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