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Where and How Did Bill O’Reilly Make His Millions?


Where and How Did Bill O’Reilly Make His Millions?

William James or Bill O’Reilly also known for the famous show O’Reilly Factor is an American journalist, author and political commentator. His years of journalism remained firm until he was accused of filing sexual harassment lawsuits with many women in 2017. ‘O’Reilly Factor’ went off air abruptly as he was fired from the channel producers. He is considered as conservative and orthodox. His reach spreads till the government as he is a former Republican and a member of Independence Party of New York. Billy has authored many books on journalism and politics. Currently he is the host of the ‘No Spin News’ show.


Life History

The journalist was born on 10th September 1949 in Manhattan. He attended high school in Chainmade School of Mineola. Then he went for college in Marist College in Poughkeepsie. There he showcased his writing skills by writing for the college newsletter. He also played baseball for the college team. After his graduation with Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1967 he went for his profession as a teacher. He taught English and history in at a high school for two years. In 1972 he joined Boston’s University for a master’s degree in Journalism. During his college years he was a reporter for a few local newspapers.


His career properly started when he reported for the WNEP-TV. He won the Dallas Award for best investigative reporting. Later in 1989 he joined CBS news which was formerly known as syndicate King World. There he gave his first hit show ‘Insider Edition’. It received a great response from the audience. Bill quit the show in 1996. When he got on board with Fox News Channel he made the show ‘O’Reilly Factor’. The show was a milestone in his career even though it brought many controversies and criticism.

Politics and culture is what he likes to report and cover. He has uncovered many corruption cases. On the political chapter he is involved in the subject but has refused to admit it.

O’Reilly got married to Maureen McPhilmy in 1996. The couple has two children, one daughter and a son. According to his daughter’s allegations he did domestic violence with his wife. This clearly stated false by him. The couple got divorced in 2011.


New York Times exposed Bill O’Reilly of having lawsuits with women for sexual harassment. They were worth 50 million dollars; this why he lost his employment at Fox News Channel. Later he also had a lawsuit of about 32 million dollars regarding the same. He settled the last one of them with a member from Fox News Channel itself for about $1.6 million.

Net Worth

As of till 2017 Bill O’Reilly’s net worth is worth $236 million. His income is mainly from the journalism but he also earns through his author and political career.

The net worth consists of his annual income that sums up to around $23 million. This he makes through his shows and book sales around the world. He owns a property of over $3 million. His collection of cars is a huge. It includes all luxurious cars such as Mercedes, BMW and even Rolls Royce. All together the collection has 2.7 million dollars.



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