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Tips for selling diamond jewelry for the best price


Tips for selling diamond jewelry for the best price

Parting with diamond jewelry is a difficult decision that sadly, some will have to make. Whether it’s to start a new beginning after a divorce, used to pay bills, or get more education, selling your diamond jewelry is the way to begin again. Selling diamond jewelry isn’t as easy or lucrative as it may seem. Unlike gold, diamonds have several quality measures, making the process more difficult.

Here are some tips to help navigate through the sale:

1.Know what you have:

Many people are easily mistaken when trying to determine the value of the jewelry. The diamond market is volatile and can change significantly with demand. Obtain an accurate assessment of the quality and value of the diamond. 

2. A quality appraisal will provide an unbiased look at the cost of the ring by bringing in many characteristics for an excellent idea of its value. This evaluation ensures than you, as the seller, are much more informed and will be knowledgeable enough to ask for the best price.

.3 Setting a realistic price:

Resale jewelry will not fetch a market price. It’s essential to have realistic expectations when going into the sale. The only reason someone is buying your jewelry is to make a profit off of the purchase.

An appraisal will help determine the fair market value and will factor in market predictions. If you cannot afford an appraisal, there is still a lot you can do; compare the resale value on eBay or online. Pay attention to identical rings or rings with similar characteristics. Doing a little homework will pay off, it’s always better to be more informed for sale. It’s your ring, after all.

4. Be emotionally ready to sell:

A ring is the physical symbol of love and commitment; letting go of this is the right end to the marriage. Be prepared to take such an emotional step. Diamonds are a material thing in a sale. The sentimental value this ring holds for you will not carry over.

Diamond Jewelry is valued according to industry standards through diamond grading. This is where the 4C’s of diamonds come in: cut, color, clarity, and carat. These characteristics will determine the actual value of the diamond. 

5. Pricing model

A 1 carat diamond ring costs between $2,500 and $16,000 and 2 carat diamond rings cost between $7,700 and $72,000. Diamond prices are complicated and are based on many factors.

When it comes to selling diamonds online or in-person

DiamondLighthouse.com works on commissions from the sale and offers a unique advantage to its customers by selling the diamond to the highest bidder.

Conventional diamond buyers want to buy the diamond for the lowest price to make a profit.

Send the diamonds info to DiamondLighthouse.com and get an appraisal on the same day.

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